My Wife's Best Friend-6

She seemed to like watching it swing.

When I reached her, she grasped my dick and aimed it towards her slit. I felt her sliding it along her wet pussy. She cooed as the tip passed over her clit, and then moved it lower to enter her. Her hands slid along my sides as I entered her. I sank fully into her because she was so wet. When I was fully inside I dropped softly onto her. It was then that I fully realized we were doing this alone, without Rachel there. It was like cheating on my wife, even though she had given her permission. I actually thought about Rachel lying alone on the beach as I screwed Laura.

Well, I thought about Rachel for the first few minutes. When Laura really started getting into it, moaning and calling out, I couldn't think of anything except the naked blonde lying underneath me. It wasn't that I loved Rachel any less. In a way, I was doing this because I loved Rachel so much. I was certainly having fun, but I wouldn't have ever done it with Laura if not for Rachel's insistence. Laura was a lot more vocal when we were alone. She moaned, and she talked. She wasn't shy about asking me to do it certain ways.

I sat up and placed her legs over my shoulders. She liked it that way a lot. Before long, I had her ass lifted off the bed and I was pushing hard into her. By the sounds she was making, she liked it rough. Next, she wanted to get on top. I started to pull out but she stopped me. Holding me close to her, she guided me into rolling over while still inside her. I almost came out at the end of the roll, but we successfully ended up with her on top and my dick still safely inside her. She immediately started riding me hard, impaling her slender body on my cock.

"What makes it so exciting?" I asked rhetorically as she rode me and I thrust up into her.

She closed her eyes, smiled, and drew in a deep breath. "Doing it with you. Knowing Rachel is out there," pointing to the door, "and that she knows what we are doing. It's naughty and wrong, but not really wrong because we have her permission."

"Not just her permission, she practically pushed us together."

Laura nodded. Then, she became more introspective. "How do you really feel about seeing me with her?"

Thinking about that again got me even hornier. "That was the most erotic thing I've ever seen," I told her eagerly. "I loved watching. I wanted to join in, but I knew you wanted to be alone."

"It wasn't the first time I've done it, but I think it was the first for Rachel. I've wanted her for a long time but I didn't know how to bring it up. I guess the time was just right."

I thought some more about her earlier question. "If you're asking if I'm alright with you doing it again with her, yes! Oh, yes!" The thought of seeing them making love to each other drove me to more energetic thrusts against Laura's bottom.

"Yes!" she echoed. Then, more in control, "Maybe you'd like to join in next time."

That did it. I came at her words. I pushed my hips upward into her, lifting her in the process. My legs were tensed. It was like I was trying to push my cum into her body with more force by using my legs. She was in front of me, but I was thinking about Rachel. Rachel and her - together.

"I'll take that as a 'Yes'," she said with a broad smile. "Oh, yes." She wiggled her bottom on me as I was getting soft. It felt nice, but I could feel my dick coming out of her pussy. "Do something for me?" It was a question. I nodded. "Do what you did to Rachel, eat me now?" I thought it over for a moment. I did it because Rachel really liked it. I didn't mind because it was my own cum I was tasting – and I really liked eating pussy. I felt at that moment I could do it for Laura as well. I had enjoyed her body so much that I wanted to do it for her. I nodded. Laura continued speaking. "No guy has ever done that to me, eaten my pussy after he came in me. It was so hot watching you do that to Rachel."

She climbed off, a rush of warm fluid coming out of her pussy when she got up. It pooled on my lower stomach. She looked at it, then at me with an impish grin. She leaned forward and licked, tasting both of us. After a few licks, she leaned over and kissed me. "Thanks," she whispered. She rolled onto her back with her legs open. I put my face where my dick had been and quickly gave her the orgasm I denied her when I came before her a few minutes before. Most of my cum had leaked out when she got off me so I barely tasted myself. After I finished, I lay on top of her and kissed her. She moaned during the kiss, enjoying the taste.

"That was as good as I expected it would be," she told me. Then, "You're hard from doing that."

"I'm hard from eating your pussy. I love to eat pussy. Ask Rachel."

"She's told me." Seeing my expression, she explained, "We talk a lot about sex, even more than when you're around." Without explanation, she got up and turned around, moving on top of me in a sixty-nine. She was shorter than me so I had to bend my neck to reach, but we managed. It wasn't as comfortable as doing it with Rachel but it was still fun.

After I finally came in Laura's mouth, she got up.

"That was great! I came two more times," she told me.

"It took me awhile because I had just had an orgasm," I explained.

Laura kissed me, the smell of sperm on her breath. "We should probably clean up and go back out. Rachel is probably dying to hear what we've been doing."

We both laughed at that.

"Let's not clean up," I suggested. "At least not completely. Wipe up the obvious remains, but let's go out there like we are. I want her to be able to smell you and taste you on me."

"Sounds naughty," Laura said slowly. Then, more quickly, "I like it."

She grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned only where it would be really obvious outside her bikini. She looked me over and decided I was fine the way I was. We got dressed to rejoin my wife.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Ready," I replied.

Hand in hand, we walked back out to where we had left Rachel, big smiles on our faces. I suppose some people could tell what we had just done, and I didn't care.

Rachel was still lying down on her stomach and reading. There was no one near us. When she saw me out of the corner of her eye, she practically leapt up.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well?" I mimicked.

"What have you two been doing?" she asked.

As Rachel kissed me, Laura said, "What do you think we've been doing?"

During the kiss, Rachel could obviously smell and taste what we had been up to because the kiss suddenly heated up.

"I can tell. Do you know how hot it made me to be out here alone, knowing what was going on in the room?"

"Tell me," I ventured.

Rachel took my hand. Looking around to be sure no one was near enough to see, she pressed my hand to her crotch. Even though her bikini bottom was too dark to see the wet stain, I could easily feel how damp the fabric was. I took the opportunity to work a finger into her slit through her suit. She groaned.

I saw that look of indecision in her eyes again. She was thinking about doing something. Something wild. My finger must have helped her make her decision. She took my hand in hers, gripping me tightly.

"Watch our stuff. We'll be back later," Rachel called to Laura as she practically dragged me to my feet and across the sand to our room. I looked back to Laura. She was smiling broadly and telling us to "have fun". As we passed the pool, I could see a few people staring at us. One guy was shaking his head. They must have seen me go there with Laura a short while ago and now again with another woman.

When we got to the door, Rachel just looked at me, her eyes burning with lust. I put my key in the lock and opened the door. Rachel pushed and we were both inside, the door banging closed behind us. Rachel's hands were all over me at once.

"I got so horny out there, knowing what you two were doing in here. I almost couldn't stand it." She was breathless as she spoke those words.

"To tell the truth, I was thinking about you when I was with Laura. It was strange doing it without you here."

"I got so fucking wet." Her choice of words was uncharacteristic for her. "I thought about going for a swim so I could play with myself in the water."

She now had both of us undressed. Her left hand was fondling her pussy while her right stroked me.

"You're still damp," she thought out loud. Dropping to her knees, she took the first few inches of my shaft in her mouth. "You still taste like her. You didn't even clean up."

"Do you mind?" I asked.

"Mm-mm," she said with her mouth full. She shook her head with my dick still attached. She was trying to smile around the shaft. I could see her smiling with her eyes. She took a deep breath and took me in as far as she had ever done. My knees sagged with the sensation. I gripped her head for balance.

Coming up for air, she released my hardon. "Get on the bed," she ordered, clearly in control. She wanted me badly at that moment. I was not going to argue. I got on my back. I watched fascinated as she mounted me. Her fingers parted her wet lips and she lowered her opening to me. The moment of contact was enhanced by her intense wetness and warmth. I gasped. She never paused, taking in my full length before stopping. When I bottomed out inside her, she was sitting on me. She looked at me and smiled, more relaxed now.

"I needed this," she said, the commanding tone gone from her voice. "Sorry I was so insistent."

"No problem. I knew what you were going to do. I didn't mind. I wanted this, too."

She started moving up and down, her pussy caressing my dick. Her face showed how pent up her emotions were. She was intent on talking all through the event.

"I thought it wouldn't bother me that you two were alone together." At that, I grew concerned and she saw it in my expression. "Oh, don't worry. I don't regret telling you to do it. I just thought I'd wait for you to get back and ask you to tell me all about it. What I didn't count on was getting so horny. I kept seeing in my mind what you were doing and I wanted to be a part of it. It was like I could see you doing her, hear the moans and the bed creak, all in my head. It was killing me that I couldn't be here. I was in public so I couldn't even stick my hand in my pants."

"You could have joined us at any time. You know that."

"I didn't want to," she explained. "I wanted you to have some time alone. I always get to have you alone. I wanted to give that to Laura. I wanted to really share you with her. It just turned me on so much to think about it, knowing it was really going on right at that moment."

All through this, she was riding me hard. The exertion was apparent in our voices. We spoke, but grunts and groans were evident in our speech, combined with deep breathing. And the bed creaked.

"You're lasting a long time," she said. I usually was able to last, but not while doing it this vigorously.

"It helps that I just had an orgasm," I told her. She smiled at that.

"Just one?" she asked.

"Two," I told my wife, her eyes lighting up. "Once while fucking, and a second time in a sixty-nine."

Rachel asked for more details. I related everything we had done, as well as what we had talked about.

"This feels great, but my knees are exhausted," Rachel said, sounding disappointed.

"Stand up and put your face down at the edge of the bed. I'll do you from behind."


I have decided to end the series in 7 parts so this is the penultimate part as always CONSTRUCTIVE critique is welcome

My Wife's Best Friend-6